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I’ve been enjoying my hotwife marriage for several years and have documented my journey for my husband’s benefit…and now for yours as well.

As a member you’ll be able to access unedited photos, videos to audio and photos from my various date nights.

Everything here is 100% authentic and from my private collection. I hope you enjoy!





Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed?

Premium memberships are purchased through PayPal and will be billed by MV Services. does not appear on your statement/invoice.

Memberships are for 1 month.

You may upgrade membership at any time.

Due to the nature of the (very personal) content here refunds are not given after logging in to your account.

If there is any issue, problem or concern about billing please contact me asap.

How often do you post?

The curvy hotwife website is updated frequently (weekly basis). Date night photos and videos are posted within days of me bringing them home to my husband and editing them a bit to maintain my partner’s privacy. Given the nature of this fantasy media content will be updated if and when I meet new men and create new content. Seeing as how I can fuck who and when I want there are times that there are several media updates/posts throughout the week and at other times posting is a bit more infrequent. This site and membership is for those who truly understand the kink and appreciate amateur content. If a video is less than stellar due to technical difficulties or partner difficulties than I’ll refrain from posting or give a warning (i.e. bad lighting so video is a bit dark). That said I do strive to ensure that there’s always something sexy to come back to so check back for audio, photos, etc. often.

What is the membership process?

It’s easy.
Either subscribe as a premium member or register for free above.
You’ll receive an email with your username and password to the email provided.
Follow the link in the email to login.
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Is your media content edited?

Nope! All premium members can enjoy the same pics I bring home to my husband unedited.
Solo pics of myself as well as videos, gifs
and date night photos are unedited so you’ll see everything.

*Respecting my partners is of upmost importance so the men
in the videos and photos are blurred (if/when face or ink is showing).

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